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Broadloom and Custom Carpets
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At Woven Art Studio, we pride ourselves on offering beautiful, high-quality area rugs and broadloom. Our showroom focuses on providing new and antique oriental rugs and an awe-inspiring collection of broadloom that ranges from the most luxurious, fashion foward brands to the practical everyday. Our lineup of decorative rugs is unique thanks to our 35 years of knowledge and experience in the industry. We are your source for "Art For The Fifth Wall", the often-overlooking floor of any home! Woven Art Studio has become the premier flooring showroom in Westechester and Fairfield Conneticut.

Woven Art Studio is a leading showroom for new and antique carpets, broadloom, and wall to wall carpeting with a focus on exclusive offerings of exceptional quality and beauty. Combining an 
unerring eye for design with over 35 years of experience and knowledge.
The literal foundation of good interior design, rugs and carpets anchor 
furniture, breakdown scale and define living spaces. Our hand made carpets,
from world's finest weavers, offer the individual artistic expression of each 
weaver. The value of an oriental rug goes far beyond it's design and color, 
for beauty can be seen in it's history, in a tradition of being passed, with great 
appreciation and care, from one generation to the next, and from one family 
to another.